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We are MEMA.


Strong by Association

Welcome to MEMA – North America’s leading organization for motor vehicle and mobility suppliers, parts manufacturers, and remanufacturers.

We have been the voice of the automotive and commercial vehicle supplier industry since 1904 and if you are one of our more than 1,000 members and member organizations – thank you!

We are excited to launch our new brand and business strategy that represents our collective future. As the mobility industry changes, we know we need to keep pace.

We are forward-thinking, progressive, and bold. We are one community.

We are Strong by Association.

MEMA members are now part of the Aftermarket Suppliers group and Original Equipment Suppliers group. Automotive and vehicle suppliers are the largest manufacturing sector in the United States and lead the way in new vehicle innovations. Our members are committed to innovation, safety, and sustainability.

In February 2023, will be transformed into a member hub for all MEMA Vehicle Supplier Members. Until then, please continue to register for events and download information using the former sites:,,, and

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